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The Best Freemason Lodge Website Builder Solution


Because it’s been developed over years of trial and error by a Brother, for our Brethren, to solve the unique problems with integrating modern technology into Freemasonry.

Your Masonic Lodge Website SHOULD BE


So That You Can HELP, AID, and ASSIST your community more!

The Craft is NOT Broken but the Digital Working Tools we use ARE.

The Fraternity DOES NOT NEED another website builder or CRM built by software companies that will never know how to fix the unique challenges the Craft has to overcome to THRIVE in the digital age instead of just SURVIVE.

So what DO we need?

Easy to Use for Everyone

Brethren of every generation and software experience can use these digital working tools to help, aid, and assist in their duties.

Automation for Volunteers

Automation is not just about saving time and money. It’s about using the limited time our Brethren have to make the biggest impact.

Reporting and Future Proofing

Masonic Lodges need to take control of their Data and Domains. We also need a system that will stand the test of time. 

Every Featured Designed for our Duties and Responsibilites.

We should be THRIVING, not just surviving.


From Potential Candidate to the Sublime Degree. 

Positive membership is not something we work or advertise for, it is something that comes from a side effect of having strong pillars of the lodge and district that allow us to lead by example in our communities.


The Key to Communication.

Content creation is paramount to communicate effectively everywhere and keep Brethren who are not at Regular Meetings to be active and involved. 

Automating your content creation in all formats is the only way to do it within a volunteer organization like ours. 


The Tools to Become Better Men.

The true secret of Masonry is that good men become better through benevolent work of the lodge.

Empowering every Officer, Chairman and Brother with the DIGITAL WORKING TOOLS of today and beyond.

With detailed instructions to successfully take on any role at your lodge that you will customize based on your own lodges policies.


Meeting Our Obligations to the Community.

We can’t help others if we can’t help ourselves.

Fundraising through the internet is not a new thing anymore.

Consistent, reliable and automated streams of revenue are the backbone to every successful charitable organization of today.

Quality Content with 14 Post Types

Over 60 Ready-To-Go Pages

Over 20 Automated Forms

Your Site Has EVERYTHING You Need

Built to be BETTER AND MORE AFFORDABLE than any other option.


Website Includes Everything

No Set-Up Fee

Save thousands of dollars or hours on website development.

Mobile and Tablet Versions

3 versions for the best user experience on any device.

Pre-Loaded Content

Hundreds of pro-quality, custom masonic images for your posts featured images.

Super Fast Hosting

Don’t get fooled by cheap, slow hosting providers. 

SSL Certificate

Never pay another $79 a year for a necessary part of your website’s security. 

Daily Backups

Never pay extra again for having the security of knowing your website is safe.




Form Builder

Voting Poll Builder

Quiz Builder

Social Media

Website Analytics


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Text Messages

SMS Text Add-On
  • SMS Text Message Sender Add-On
  • 1000 Text Messages Per Month

ChatGPT Powered

AI Digital Working Tools Add-On
  • ChatGPT Powered AI Digital Working Tools
  • AI Chatbot Assistant, Content Creation, Image Generator
  • More AI Working Tools Coming!

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